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Our Services

Solutions Delivery offers two types of services to our clients: Application Maintenance and Application Development.

Application Maintenance

We understand that most companies spend more than three quarters of their I/T budget just for "keeping the lights on" for their Applications. At Solutions Delivery, Our Application Maintenance Paradigm is not just about merely managing and optimizing legacy applications. We take a holistic view of technology, information architecture, people, and services and help our clients overcome the logistical challenges involved in supporting legacy applications.

Our Project team will exhaustively prepare for taking on a project during the discovery phase, with the goal to understand your business domain, technology roadmap, processes, and applications, and then optimize and align team structures to deliver improved application support. During the project we will continue to document application features, and map business processes to application portfolios, thus ensuring high levels of business-application understanding.

Our Maintenance team will establish benchmarks for Application downtime and turnaround times for fixes and enhancements in consultation with our clients and we will be accountable for these benchmarks.

Solution Delivery’s Application Maintenance Service provides the following advantages to our clients.

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Cost and Time Savings
  • Speedy Turnaround of Enhancements and Problem resolutions
  • Code Refactoring to align with the latest development trends.
  • Improved knowledge management
  • Predictable Outcomes
  • Complete documentation of the entire project lifecycle.

Application Development

The Solutions Delivery Application Development Service helps design, build and deliver technology enabled business solutions drive our clients’ competitive advantage. Armed with our Global Delivery model we can offer solutions custom tailored to our clients in a cost effective way which makes the most economic sense in today's world. A robust methodology starts with your business needs, and translates your needs to design, architecture, development and deployment of the end application.
By leveraging in-depth experience in product engineering as well as rigorous processes, we create high quality products that meet with your time-to-market objectives.
Solutions Delivery has proven expertise in designing and building state of the art Mobile Applications and Rich internet Applications. This includes application or product development, building an initial prototype of proof-of-concept and transforming a product idea into a demonstrable product.
Our methodology in executing projects in this arena includes but is not limited to the following sequence of activities.

  • Conduct meetings with Business users and subject matter experts from the client.
  • Conduct technical analysis.
  • Build a prototype or proof of concept.
  • Estimate Effort
  • Prepare test cases which will be reviewed and approved by the client.
  • Development
  • Conduct Code Reviews.
  • Conduct quality reviews based on the approved test cases.
  • Document all aspects of the individual changes and help the client with acceptance testing.
  • Provide support for the Application once in production