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What sets us apart?

What makes us different from other solution providers is our size, our unique delivery model and our passion for excellence. Software development structures are based on three variables: people, processes and machines. People are the hardest variable to control, so structures of scale tend to emphasize processes and machines leaving out the people. Our strength is our focus on getting the right people.

Solutions Delivery Inc. is a small company with a smaller list of clients compared to most of our competition. This allows us to have a laser like focus on each and every project that we undertake. A project team, once formed is retained on the same project for its entire duration other than for unforeseen issues like attrition. This team will take the project from its inception, through design, development, testing and implementation.

How we deliver our solutions?

Transparency is a key strength of our Delivery Model. Clients have full visibility into the project lifecycle at all times. Our Delivery Model is built on our belief that all projects can be split into components and ranked according to the need for client interaction. Much of the software development and testing activity takes place at or very close to the client’s location thus enabling the client to see the project progress in “real time.” To help our customers obtain added cost and scalability advantages, we have set up extensive offshore capabilities to handle resource-intensive activities. Open and transparent communication creates an arena of trust and helps us build successful partnerships.

Customer-driven Innovations

Our delivery model is driven by the commitment and passion of our people - to deliver high quality and cost-effective solutions. Every person on the project - be it onsite or offsite or offshore - endeavors to consistently surpass the expectations of our clients.

By driving customer success with our dedication and commitment, we ensure that our customers stay with us over the long term. All of our clients have been with us either since our inception or since the beginning of our relationship with them. We work as a partner to our clients with a stake in their success. Our aim is to execute per the spirit of the contract while exceeding client expectations.